Salish Archipelago

I hold still for the light as it plays on the horizon before the earth turns and shows its treasures to the sun and then the moon. Sea animals roam at my feet and I see what they do. It is change that we see.

The Neophyte – Diligence In the Face Of The World

Gustave Dore: Le néophyte. (The Neophyte). c. 1877. Etching.Awareness and vigilance in the midst of despair and death. Having the ability to look clearly at the world as it is and to work with it to achieve a balance and harmony of being, To give and receive in kind. This unique ability that only a …

Annie Leibovitz Interview

This video gives a good sense for some of Annie's makeup: we see her naturalness and her ability to express herself verbally is slower than the speed of her thoughts. There is also a unique story she tells about John & Yoko.- rlw

…nature’s laws … are the only measures that count…

Capitalism, for all its merits and failings as a 500-year practice, may be better than the alternatives, but may not be able to meet the stringent conditions imposed by nature's laws. These, ultimately, are the only measures that count.From "The Common Sense Canadian" Ray Grigg on anthropologist Ronald Wright.

Wind In Sun

heavy wind in sun in the trees wind moving living trees each against the other in their reach upwards just at the end of their tolerance swaying with the form they had built, not yet crafted by the wind but the sun.

Northwest Polytheism

The power of myth, its reality, resides precisely in its power to seize and influence psychic life. The Greeks knew this so well, and so they had no depth psychology and psychopathology such as we have. They had myths. And we have no myths as such—instead, depth psychology and psychopathology. Therefore…psychology shows myths in modern …

An Island Neighbor – Haliaeetus leucocephalus washingtoniensis

"The Haida believed both animals and people had souls, which were essentially the same. The bodies of different animals were merely their "canoes" and all were capable of assuming other forms at will; "or better, they possessed a human form, and assumed their other forms when consorting with men." The killer whales were believed to …

The Dead and the Living

  The dead surround the living. The living are the core of the dead. In this core are the dimensions of time and space. What surrounds the core is timelessness. from  Hold Everything Dear - John Berger

John Muir’s Description of The Pacific Northwest in 1901

"The vast Pacific Coast reserves in Washington and Oregon--the Cascade, Washington, Mount Rainier, Olympic, Bull Run, and Ashland, named in order of size--include more than 12,500,000 acres of magnificent forests of beautiful and gigantic trees. They extend over the wild, unexplored Olympic Mountains and both flanks of the Cascade Range, the wet and the dry. …