An Island Neighbor – Haliaeetus leucocephalus washingtoniensis


“The Haida believed both animals and people had souls, which were essentially the same. The bodies of different animals were merely their “canoes” and all were capable of assuming other forms at will; “or better, they possessed a human form, and assumed their other forms when consorting with men.” The killer whales were believed to be the most powerful of all living beings, inhabiting villages under the sea. There were, in this fashion, sea-otter people, salmon people, grizzly people, geese people, etc.”

Gary Synder


5 Replies to “An Island Neighbor – Haliaeetus leucocephalus washingtoniensis”

  1. Of the list of people at the end of the quote, it’s strange that ‘geese people’ was the only one that struck me as odd and yet, of the list, that’s where my interactions would be most people-like.

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