Trumponomics – Simple Supply & Demand

Trumponomics – It is clear to me that there is a very simple strategy for what Trump is doing to get the US economy booming. I think it is really fair to say that this is Trump’s only strategy. All of the misbehavior and destructive actions going on in all all of his cabinet positions and therefore US agencies (that are supposed to represent the people) are noise to mask the main thrust. 

The main strategy is to remove as many people from the US job market to tighten it up so that unemployment is reduced. The people to be removed are immigrants. 

It is simple supply and demand. 

There is constant demand for employees and now a reduced supply of applicants. It makes it look like the US economy is growing and in good shape. US citizen employment rate will go up and so too wages.

I have seen zero reporting on this? It’s really quite amazing that no one is really grasping this.

All at what human cost? At what cost to our land?

Illustration by David Horsey. The Seattle Times

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