Philip Seymour Hoffman

A very serious loss to our culture. Two articles on Hoffman - Open Letters Monthly and The New Yorker. Philip Seymour Hoffman By Open Letters Monthly   In one of those wonderful old theater stories Laurence Olivier is said to have asked another Hoffman, Dustin, as the younger man voluntarily underwent physical abuse in order to …

TOKYO-GA Charity Photo Book

What is TOKYO-GA? "東京画" means "Tokyo picture" and derives from Wim Wenders' great movie. It is also the name of an international collective of photographers that shoot in Tokyo. We can be found at: ”東京画”は東京をベースに活動する国際的な写真家たちの集団です。”東京画”という名前は、ヴィム・ヴェンダースの素晴らしい映画から引用しました。私たちの活動はこちらでも見れます。