Philip Seymour Hoffman

A very serious loss to our culture. Two articles on Hoffman - Open Letters Monthly and The New Yorker. Philip Seymour Hoffman By Open Letters Monthly   In one of those wonderful old theater stories Laurence Olivier is said to have asked another Hoffman, Dustin, as the younger man voluntarily underwent physical abuse in order to …

TOKYO-GA Charity Photo Book

What is TOKYO-GA? "東京画" means "Tokyo picture" and derives from Wim Wenders' great movie. It is also the name of an international collective of photographers that shoot in Tokyo. We can be found at: ”東京画”は東京をベースに活動する国際的な写真家たちの集団です。”東京画”という名前は、ヴィム・ヴェンダースの素晴らしい映画から引用しました。私たちの活動はこちらでも見れます。

Grammars of Creation – George Steiner

"Beyond good and evil, beyond reason and social-ethical accountability, rages the drive to create, to engender form." Grammars of Creations George Steiner   Jackson Pollock - Untitled (Figure Composition), 1938-41. Colored pencils and graphite on paper  

Annie Leibovitz Interview

This video gives a good sense for some of Annie's makeup: we see her naturalness and her ability to express herself verbally is slower than the speed of her thoughts. There is also a unique story she tells about John & Yoko.- rlw

Going To The Sun

The Stranger by Albert Camus - Impressions 1942 Prose that is crisp and spare and precise. Fragments of humanity that are turned this way and that to develop a character in time and place. Meursault is detached and self-sufficient. His social needs are minimal. He is authentic and sure of his senses and is comfortable …

Whidbey Island – 1854

Plate 68: Mount Rainier and Whidbey Island. Engraving by John M. Stanley, 1854. (Click to enlarge). From: University of Washington Library Archives #NA4173. Note: We'll go with the spelling of Whidbey.

Northwest Polytheism

The power of myth, its reality, resides precisely in its power to seize and influence psychic life. The Greeks knew this so well, and so they had no depth psychology and psychopathology such as we have. They had myths. And we have no myths as such—instead, depth psychology and psychopathology. Therefore…psychology shows myths in modern …

Italo Calvino – Mr Palomar’s Philosophical Book of Mental Illustrations, Or Poets, Take Back The World.

Mr Palomar is an accomplished practitioner of zen buddhism. He is astute at seeing what is before him as it is. Where he gets into trouble is when seeing, or being, is not enough and he needs to develop his strategies and plans together with his angst at trying to do the right thing in …