The Neophyte – Diligence In the Face Of The World


Gustave Dore: Le néophyte. (The Neophyte). c. 1877. Etching.
Awareness and vigilance in the midst of despair and death. Having the ability to look clearly at the world as it is and to work with it to achieve a balance and harmony of being, To give and receive in kind. This unique ability that only a few are able to attain – most are shrouded in darkness, myopia, despair and tunnel vision. And the massive amounts of intelligence, the billions of humans that have these characteristics, the capabilities that are lost to inwardness without a release, without an outward expression that connects, that is vibrant , that shares in the give and take.  This absence is a veil, a curtain, a fog that encapsulates the being, and limits awareness, precludes an ability to see how everything is connected and to give the connectiveness value — one person at a time. Zen calls the neophyte a person who possess the beginner’s mind. – rlw

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