Disorientation – The Eternal in the Moment.

Marek Zyga captures a classical elegance and mystery in his sculpted figures. Having viewed the forms we seek possession, perhaps obsession – we want to know more: the history, the story, the actions, when they breathe and move again.


Mr Zyga’s studio is in Poland near the German and  Czech borders. He is exhibiting throughout Europe.

All photos courtesy the web site: http://www.marekzyga.pl/index.php

Marek Zyga  (20) 6ab30475cefa91caee783aede2a70e75 475322_235908579846326_1669413095_o ae326651ab9db2784d30848c13eb06da c65caafbb16f1de80b877bf90ccc78a0 c4476503edd5d116296461c99ec67d79 foto7 Marek Zyga  (4) o


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