Louise Gluck – Poems 1962-2012


photo : Katherine Wolkoff

What Gluck learned from Williams, and from George Oppen, is Pound’s sense that ” the natural object is always the adequate symbol”. She marries William’s objectivism, that “moral commitment to the actual, which meant the visible, ” with an Eliotic sense of the hidden. She has written that Eliot, of the great poets, is the ” least consoled by the physical world” and like Plato, like Gluck herself, is on a hunt for the immutable, wants “to see through the material to the eternal.”

Nick Laird – The Triumph Of the Survivor

The New York Review



I cannot go on
restricting myself to images
because you think it is your right
to dispute my meaning:
I am prepared now to force
clarity upon you.

Louise Gluck – The Wild Iris


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