Zarathustra – My Time Has Come

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Have you learned my song? Have you guessed its intent ? Well then, you higher men, sing me now my round. Now you yourselves sing me the song whose name is “Once More” and whose meaning is ” into all eternity” – sing, you higher men, Zarathustra’s round!

O man, take care!

What does the deep midnight declare?

“I was asleep-

From a deep dream I woke and swear:
The world is deep,
Deeper than day had been aware.
Deep is its woe;
Joy- deeper yet than agony :
Woe implores : Go!
But all joy wants eternity-
Wants deep, wants deep eternity.

 On the morning after this night, Zarathustra jumped up from his resting place, girded his loins, and came out of his cave glowing and strong as a morning sun that comes out of dark mountains.

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