Hope Gangloff – American Visual Artist

An amazing representation of American character, below the radar of hype. Hope Gangloff sees the reality of humans surrounding her and shows us them without the filters of commercialism, politics or ideology.

images-1 Hope-Gangloff tumblr_lxln7bgit61qdhfhho1_1280 Hope_Gangloff_Clothes_Swap__Brooklyn_2008_1271_97 Gangloff 877173B7-5582-493C-A67B-1CEE443918BE-13756-00000A8C19213FB8 images



2 Replies to “Hope Gangloff – American Visual Artist”

  1. Such pretty people…so pensive, so relaxed, so young, so drunk. The rest of her work cracks me up. Hipsters all. But yes…I love her style. Reminds me a little of Klimpt.

    1. Yes, self medication is part of what goes on, it is what we later try to reconcile to some extent. But I find that Gangloff has captured a sort of naturalness, a look of attempting to chill out below the radar screen of American craziness and stress and incomprehension.

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