Czeslaw Milosz – The Angels – Polish Production

The video for the line spoken by Czeslaw Milosz.
Production completed with the participation of students in the art school under the supervision of Monica Opole Nowojskiej.
Content of the poem:
Czeslaw Milosz – The Angels

You deducted white robes,
Wings and even the existence,
However, I believe you,

Where on the left side of the inverted world
A heavy fabric embroidered stars and animals,
Truthful-old watching the stitches.

Brief your stop here
Jutrzennym think about the time when the sky is clear,
The melody repeated by a bird,
Or the smell of apples in the evening
When the light enchanted orchards.

They say that someone was invented
But it does not convince me.
Because people also came up with themselves.

The voice – this is probably evidence
Because beings undoubtedly belongs to the light,
Light, winged (why not)
Girded lightning.

I heard a voice in his sleep sometimes
And, what is more strange, I understood more or less
Warrant or summons in the supernal language:

just days
do what you can.

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