Janus, in Ovid’s Poem “Fasti”

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From Ovid’s Poem “Fasti” (8 AD)

“See how Janus appears first in my song

To announce a happy year for you, Germanicus.

Two-headed Janus, source of the silently gliding year,

The only god who is able to see behind him,

Be favourable to the leaders, whose labours win

Peace for the fertile earth, peace for the seas:

Be favourable to the senate and Roman people,

And with a nod unbar the shining temples.

A prosperous day dawns: favour our thoughts and speech!

Let auspicious words be said on this auspicious day.

Let our ears be free of lawsuits then, and banish

Mad disputes now: you, malicious tongues, cease wagging!

See how the air shines with fragrant fire…


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